Eat and Drink

photo of a Victoria sponge cake and coffee

Eat and Drink

FoodWorks are proud to serve fresh, handmade food at all of our locations. 

We design our menus around the location we are based and are always open to new ideas and recipes. 

By working closely with organisations like Food Nation we are part of movement that is helping to shape Newcastle into a inclusive food economy and helping to tackle food waste. 

FoodWorks is proud to be part of the Newcastle Good Food Plan, a city wide movement aimed at creating an inclusive food economy for all our residents. 

Did you know that our coffee carts offer fresh sandwiches, salads, soups and home made sweet treats? 

Keeping it local

We use fresh, local ingredients, all ethically and responsibly sourced, and work closely with our staff to help make tasty dishes and coffees all year round.